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Monday, February 28, 2011

Turtle Card

I totally hijacked this design from Courts Crafts Check out her version of this turtle card it is super cute.

I am trying to get better at explaining what I did so here goes. In Design Studio I took the shadow of the turtle from Create a Critter and welded them together to make the card base. Then cut the other pieces and embossed the inside part of the shell. The outside with the wholes I used my white prism color pencil and went all around the holes and shell making stitch marks. You can't see them very well but they look good in person. I stamped the face with a very cute Peachy Keen stamp and there you have it. I hope you enjoy.


Court said...

Aww! I love it! I am going to get some Peachy Keen Stamps soon! They are so perfect for this!

Thank you so much for linking back to my blog! I am SO honored that you liked it so much that you did it yourself! :) It's darling, just darling!

Sue in CT said...

Love your turtle.

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

just too cute! I love how it connects together! I also wanted to let you know that I've choosen you for a My Blog's Got Attitude Award!!! Stop by my page to pick up your award, congratulations and thanks for all your inspiration!

Jennipher said...

Wow, Thanks for sharing. This is super cute. I definitely need to invest in some peachy keen stamps. They totally help pull it all together. Fabulous job with this.