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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Awesome Week!! Valentines Sale

I am a teacher in a rural area and have a VERY low class this year. They have a very hard time reading and really enjoy listening to books on CD’s. We have two working portable cd player and for 23 kids that is just not enough. So we decided to sell the above candies to buy more cd players and more books with cds. They colored the stamped images and glued them to the scallop I cut using Lacy Labels and they tied ribbon around the first two hundred then we stopped that part to save time and money. 

They have sold almost 300. I just ordered 10 cd player. We had just decided to spend the rest of the money on books with cds when the director of the afterschool program walked in and gave us the best gift. She brought us a whole box full of books with cds that she said we could keep! So I actually get to put the extra money toward something else. God knows I spend a ton of money on my kiddos.
Here is the thank you card I made for her. I am so excited that we got all these books.


MDB_Mom said...

That is really great Jamie. And I bet your students were proud of themselves!

Creative Cassie said...

This is such a great idea! I am a teacher too in a very low income community with some very low students as well. They also love their books on tape. I bought a handful of them off ebay at the beginning of the year, and they have certainly come in handy. Tell your kiddos that their candy sticks are adorable! They did a fantastic job!