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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mason Jar Laterns

I was trying to come up with something new to make for Christmas gifts this year, which is a challenge because I make a lot of Christmas gifts. I came across a post on these mason jar lanterns in a FB group and loved them. So I busted out my floor wax and glitter and went to town. It is the same technique as the glitter xmas ornaments I made.
 I made the saying myself in design studio for this one and the apple is a Silhouette file.

 These cut files came from the silhouette store. I added little battery operated tea light candles that have a timer so you don't have to keep getting in the jar. They are self timing tea lights you can find on Amazon.
I found these cute little plastic bags at Michaels on sale for 50 cents and grabbed a bunch not knowing what I would use them for. They were perfect for that little something extra to go with these lantern gifts.
I added the girls names with vinyl on the front and put the lanterns in them. 
I know I haven't been as active on my blog this last year with having my baby girl but it makes me sad to see my followers leaving. I have lost 5 in the last month and it makes me super sad. I hope to have the rest of you stick around and enjoy looking at my crafts. You mean a lot to me :)

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