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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crafty Night 1

Last night I had my first meeting night. If you haven't checked out yet you should if you want to met some new friends. I started a group in the town I live in and have a few people in my area that have joined. Last night two of them came and we spend about three hours crafting. None of us had very much inspiration. One of the girls had never used the Cricut so she spent most her time making cut outs on the Cricut and figuring it out.
I have a friend that was down sizing her crafty collection and I scored some good stuff including about 50 crafty magazines so we spent some time looking through them trying to find some inspiration. I did find a couple of ideas from them and tried some new things. However I never did finish any one project. So I will post pictures later when I am done with some of the projects.
Overall it was a fun night and I hope to have more people come next time.

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