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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wine Cork Gifts

These were so much fun to make. Like a puzzle. I had to cut pieces to fit into spots and I used more hot glue than I ever have in my life.

I made 29 of these ornaments. It took several tries and different ways to do it before I figured out the easiest and quickest way. I saw these projects online that people were selling so no instructions could be found. Here is how I did these ornaments.

First drill holes in the wine corks. The make your bows. I tied mine with twine and used my bowdabra to make mine since I can't make a bow very well. 
 After those two above are done I them took twine and looped a bell and beads with it.
 I put the twine through the cork. I used the tool I made out of a hanger to push it through.
 Then I tied the bow on top of the cork very tight.
That is how I found them to be the easiest to make. I tried lots of different ways but made my last ten like this one above. Here are some others I made.
 Now what else can I make out of wine corks. I still have A LOT of them. Hmmmm....


Anne Temple said...

All of these are so cute and clever! I've been saving my corks and now I have some good ideas how to use them. Thanks for sharing how you made them too.

Unknown said...

Love all the gifts! I have seen so many great crafts with wine corks lately! Though I haven't seen anything like your little wine cork ornaments! Absolutely adorable! I will be sharing your link with our Bowdabra facebook readers. I am sure they will love your tutorial! ~ Sarah Forhan Designer