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Sunday, December 26, 2010

My students glitter oraments

I had my 3rd grade students make these as gifts to give out to their parents. We used the plastic ones for these. I cut a tag from Tags, Boxes & More cartridge for them and they decorated it with a felt sticker and made a card to go with it. I wish I had remembered to take pictures of their cards before they sealed them in an envelope because they were all one of a kind even though I have pre cut all the pieces for them. It is amazing what kids come up with even after explicit instructions.

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Creative Cassie said...

Very cute! I am also a 3rd grade teacher and we did something very similar to this. And yes, I agree that students will come up with their own creative way of doing things even after giving them directions about a million times. Sometimes it's nice to know that your students aren't the only ones. LOL. Your students did a wonderful job on their ornaments... I'm sure their families will love them!