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Thursday, July 22, 2010

1st Blog Candy!

Ok here is my first blog candy! I will announce the winner on July 31st.
Simple way to win, follow my blog and or my Facebook page (link is on the top right of my blog.) I will put your name in twice if you are on both. I will also put your name in again for referring someone to either of my pages. Have them or you post on here that you referred them. This is the first of my stamps that I will give away so keep on the look out for more blog candy later!

I have this stamps sets as well. Here is a card I made with the Happy Birthday one. (This is one of my favorites to use).


Ashleigh said...

thank you for the chance to win! I am a follower on here and on facebook. I am going to share your blog and your facebook page with my friends!

Micah said...

Thank you for a chance to win... I was already following but I somehow missed your facebook page (now I'm also following there).

My 2yo daughter Kerowyn browses the blogs with me and she freaks out when we come here cause of your adorable puppy pictures.

Micah said...

PS I hope it's okay but I posted your candy at the Blog Candy Blog,

Micah said...

Haha, had to come back and share... I just posted a video which kinda sorta features your blog LOL

Ashley A. said...

Nice blog!! I am following you here and on Facebook too!

Thanks for the chance at a great prize!


SpantastiKreations said...

I REALLY like that happy Birthday stamp...
Thanks for the chance.